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Advice & Inspiration: Getting Color Coordinated


M_smile I thought I’d get a little down and dirty with some advice today, and it’s all about color.

F_kiss The way you incorporate color into your wedding will have a big impact on the look and feel of the day and your photos. Not to make your job as a bride any harder, but there is tons to consider. First, you’ll have to decide on a palette. It’s become more and more popular to have a palette of four or five colors, instead of the traditional two or three. Either can work with a keen eye for design. The precise hues you select are vital to the proper meshing of your palette and the creation of your vision. For example, are you dreaming of hydrangea or robin’s egg blue? Then, of course, is the actual implementation. Maybe you love red, but perhaps you’d rather have a dash of crimson here and there, instead of big blocks of color. Big questions, I know. We’ve put together a rainbow of wedding party portraits to help you start thinking palette, spectrum, and styling….

Red is the color of love and passion, but do you want it in the bouquets, the dresses, or both?

Incorporate this exotic shade in a way that’s classically monocromatic or dimensional and multicolored.

This charming color exudes joy, now you just have to decide if you want it as bright as the sun or in little sunbursts.

Two toned dresses, contrasting bouquets and greenery accents are all fun fodder for your inspiration board.

Think spectrum, accessories, and pattern to play with color.

Maybe you’ll go for a palette of purple or just use it as an accent color.

Pink is the signature tint of romance, will you follow suit or create a romantic vibe in some other way?

Shades of grey are often used as neutrals, but they can surely hold their own as cool hues on which to build your palette.

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