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DIY การ์ดขอบคุณงานแต่งรูปหัวใจสุดเก๋


DIY Wedding Heart Save The Date Card


M_smile DIY การ์ดขอบคุณงานแต่งรูปหัวใจสุดเก๋ ไอเดียดีดี ทำได้ง่ายๆ ที่เรานำมาอัพเดตให้ติดตามกัน เราลองมาดูวิธีการทำกันแค่ดูรูปก็สามารถทำตามได้ไม่ยาก ส่วนใครจะนำไปตกแต่งเพิ่มเติม ใส่ไอเดียดีดี ก็อย่าลืมนำมาแชร์กันบ้างนะ ^^

DIY Wedding Heart Save The Date Card

DIY Wedding Heart Save The Date Card

This is how you make your hearts:

Image 1: As mentioned, above prepare your shapes (“half hearts”) with text or photo.

Image 2: Hold one “half heart” in each hand and begin by weaving the strips from your right-hand “half” in with the strips from your left-hand “half”. When you have finished weaving the first line of strips your “heart” should look like image 2.

Image 3: Continue by weaving the second trip from your right-hand “half” in with the left-hand “half’. It can seem a little bit tricky to do this at first but when you get a little but of practise it’s really quite easy. Check that both front and back of your hearts look the same.

Image 4: Continue weaving your heart still checking the back.

Image 5: Complete your heart by weaving the last strips from each heart in together.

Image 6: Your heart is done and ready to send off.

Enjoy your DIY wedding project!


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